Saturday, June 26, 2010

He was a cunning warrior... and a good friend.


  1. Very nice. Love what you guys are doing. Any idea when a release date will be?

  2. I'm also think that this is a great idea! I hate the prequels in the way they are, so any attempt to make best from GL's mess is very appropriate.
    And maybe you want to contact this guy, for example?
    I'm sure, he could help.
    Good luck!

  3. Thanks everyone for such positive responses! I am working very hard and I'm pushing for an end of the summer release of the first issue! I had originally attempted to get out the first few pages for June 15th and I was rushing... Something that I refuse to do!

    My plan now is to finish Issue One of The Phantom Menace so that I can look at it as a whole before posting it online! I have most of this first issue sketched out in thumbnails and you can see the page 5 draft in blog!

    Thanks again for commenting friends! Ill have new artwork up this week!