Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oota Boota Solo??

Here we go friends! Sadly this is not the full 5 pages I had hoped to have up for today! I costumed myself as a swashbuckling captain and married a beautiful girl and a lacy dress! No kidding! Our Justice blew a fire ball after we kissed! It was fantastic!

This is a teaser preview of what we are working on. You can see here a great many things.... Some you will obviously recognize... Some things won't be made clear until there is dialogue.

See if you can spot the difference....

I hope you like what you see, because there is a lot more on the way!


Caleb, Joe and Ru


  1. Your drawing is inept. Learn the basics before attempting such an epic undertaking.
    Learn the hard lessons of Al Williamson, Steranko, Chaykin.

  2. Anonymous I appreciate hard critique! Please instead of just telling me the drawing is inept, tell me where, how and why you feel it is inept.

    I have seen the work of the artists you mentioned! Very good stuff. I am learning all the time!

    Please also keep in mind this is a rough draft, unfinished, uncolored.

  3. Your first mistake: promising a delivery date of June 15th and then failing. Any progress you have made in being taken seriously in this project has just been voided. Good luck, guys.

  4. SAW, you obviously have no idea how intensely difficult it is to make a comic for free, all the materials we have paid for ourselves, all the work we have done outside of our jobs and lives to make this.

    It takes time. We are not like the modern media machine that pumps out its garbage with no concern for how the final will look.

    The pages were not up to par, which is exactly why we put up a preview. We will not be rushed into anything. This is already a 4 year project and I have no problem waiting longer to make sure this is done right.

    I wanted to give people something to look at. If you don't like it you don't have to come back!

  5. Only one is visible, Mister J. Another may yet be there!

  6. Ah, yes. Master Yoda. (I hadn't read the plot summary when I first commented.)

    1. yoda is the best guy ever he is awesome

  7. so the way to have the force is by having a lightsaber & E11 blaster & kill everyone in the game insted of jan