Monday, August 9, 2010

Star Wars for a Good Cause!

Star Wars for a Good Cause!

I will be having my first Solo gallery show opening this month! I have been working very hard to prepare some awesome new works for this event! This show is also a benefit fundraiser for the Fall River Family Center. A homeless shelter near where I live that helps families get back on their feet. They work very hard for the families they support, let's show them how much we appreciate their work!

My friend Sean Theroux kindly offered me the opportunity to put on this show. He is the owner and operator of Mom and Pop Tattoo and Peircing, where the show will be held! This is not your average Tattoo Shop! Sean strives to create an open family atmosphere that breeds creativity, and he does it well!

The Show!

There will be almost 30 works in this show! There will be original drawings, inks and colors from the Improved Star Wars Prequels! Prints will be available! I will also be displaying a limited series of Star Wars paintings!

Alongside the Star Wars works, I will be displaying more of my own original artwork! These include wonderfully strange hand and foot creatures and some very pretty landscapes!

There will be a musical accompaniment provided by Looks Realistic, a local casio funtime band that will delight your ears with musical adventure!

Many of the works in the show will be for sale! Some have already been sold! A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the Fall River Family center. I will also be painting live! The painting that I create that night will be raffled off, with all proceeds from the raffle being donated to the Family Center!

If you want a sneak preview of the types of things you may see, go check out my Deviant Art gallery, there's a link in the side bar!

Make sure you check out this weeks title enclosure link! It links to the Facebook event page for the show! Directions and contact info can be found there!

Thanks to everyone who has been following along on this adventure with me! Come hang out, see some killer work, listen to some great music and take a fantastic opportunity to help a worthy cause!



P.S. ~ details

Location: Mom and Pop Tatoo and Peircing: 288 Plymouth Ave, Fall River, MA 02721

Date: August 22, 2010

Time: 7:00 - 10:00 PM


  1. Hi there.
    Ever since I first visited this site I've checked back everyday. I love your ideas and will definitely read your graphic novel once it's completed.
    I have a few suggestions that you may or may not consider, it won't hurt me if you don't, but here they are:

    1.) Try not to go by the original episodes' names. If you're trying to rewrite the episodes, an appropriate name for your personal story would make it complete. Remember, the first episode is the first chapter of the saga. "The Phantom Menace" isn't a very clever name for a first story in the saga. When picking up the comic, a first-time viewer wouldn't know who the heck The Phantom Menace was, or why he's in this war called, "Star Wars". Again, it's the very first chapter of the saga. A titles such as "Across the Stars" truly illustrate the story and genre, and it's fitting for the first chapter.

    2.) The truly wonderful thing about Star Wars is the "mystery behind the mask" of Darth Vader. If you plan to hide the identity of Vader, then the famous scene from Episode V would truly be a plot twist, like we all thought that first time we watched ESB. The entire story could work out perfectly.
    Anakin is introduced, readers love the character. Anakin becomes a hero. Anakin has offspring. Then, Anakin gets killed! (or so everyone thinks). Now his son, Luke, is sent out into the galaxy with revenge for Vader killing his father. Then Luke finds out Vader IS his father. The imagination of the viewers runs wild, and most are drawn straight back to the comic to read and find out all the possibilities of where Anakin may have turned, and how it was possible that Anakin was still alive instead of dead.
    However, the line "No, I am your Father" is so well-known around the world that concealing his identity would pretty much be impossible, and knowing the story of Anakin and how he turned and how he got behind that mask in the first place without hiding his identity would still make a great story.

    3.) You've mentioned most of the OT references being put into the prequels. (Anakin being a great pilot, and friend of Kenobi.) But you forgot to add that Luke should have been born on Dagobah ("There's something familiar about this place"), and Leia should have been alive long enough to remember her mother. (Forgive me if you've already stated those, I may have missed them.)

    4.) There should be a part in the first episode where Obi-Wan (or whatever other jedi) explains what the force is. You can't expect everyone who reads your comics to automatically know what the force is, and why those silly robed men are using telekinesis in their everyday lives. This is what Lucas did wrong. He expected all of his viewers to know what the force was when he made TPM, and there was only a brief moment that Qui-Gon explained the force. (And messed it up with Midi-Chlorians.) So, with the original saga, you really can't watch the episodes in order and understand them unless you've watched Episode IV first. That shouldn't be how it should be able to watch them in order and understand everything! The first chapter of the saga should explain everything you need to know.

    And that's about it. Thanks for reading this and I wish you luck on creating probably the best alternate-prequel trilogy to date!

  2. Any word on when we'll see the next update?