Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What would Master Yoda do?

Colors coming soon!

May the Force be with you.

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  1. I like this page and hope you find enough energy and friends for the all project.

    My idea for an alternate prequel:
    Ep1: Anakin not a Chosen One, just an angry knight in the battles. The Jedi Council -to avoid the defeat -send the rebellious Anakin as agent to play a renegade, who want to became Sith.
    Ep2: He start to rise in Sith hierarchy with evil acts. Kenobi want to bring him back, but Anakin not beleive in Jedi diplomacy and metodes more. Anakin want to win the war with his sword, not with defensive tactics.
    Ep3: During the last battles just one knight, Kenobi belive the good in Anakin. But his apprentice sold the plans of the Jedi for his triumph in Sith hierarchy. Ben and Anakin meet in a stardestroyer factory in a last duell, during we can see the birth of Luke and Leia on the board of Tantive IV.
    (Sorry for my mistakes, English not my language.)