Thursday, April 1, 2010

A New Hope . . . For the Prequels

This is the beginning of a great Journey...

I can't stand the Star Wars prequels.

The sadness of knowing that these stories were turned into the most massive marketing scheme of all time, is unbearable for me.

So I have decided to rewrite them as I see fit. A feat that I am not alone in attempting! Others like myself, terribly disappointed in the Prequels, have decided to take matters into their own hands.

I say: To any and all other intrepid story tellers out there, keep going! Let us be inspired to create better and with more heart!

Now, to introduce the fellas. These two gentlemen are dearest of friends and most excellent humans. Joe, Photoshop Wizard and Treasure Hunter with a keen eye. Ru Ra, Mythic Adventurer and Musical Master. Then there is me! Caleb, Storyteller and Artist. Together we will give you a free online comic retelling the greatest story ever told.

No Jar-Jar. No angry, hateful Yoda screaming and attacking with mini-lightsaber. No bad acting from Hayden Christensen.

You will see Alderaan, the shining jewel of the Old Republic! You will see Obi-Wan Kenobi taking it upon himself to train Anakin as a Jedi! You will witness the true Yoda, who only uses the Force for knowledge, and defense... Never for attack.

There won't be any profit made from this in any way, ever. The entire goal is to demonstrate that it is imperative to share the love of mythology and storytelling, without the need to strangle somebody's wallet.

No toys, no lunchboxes, no pez dispensers, and sadly no flamethrowers... (Sorry, Yogurt)

So what are we waiting for!?! Keep your pants on. I'm getting there!

The process has been long and involved. Heavy amounts of studying Pre-Prequel Star Wars History. Texts, one in particular, that are full of Legends laid down that were either forgotten, ignored or completely turned upside down. Free from the taint of marketing and advertising focus groups, Ru and I focused our efforts over the last 3 years into creating a skeletal storyline. That skeletal framework became a solid piece of writing.

Now I must begin the process of Drawing and Inking, so that Joe will have something to color!

In the meantime I will leave you with wondrous tid bits to keep your mouths watering and your hearts yearning for when you will learn of the Princess and The Hero. Those fallen, and those, twisted. War, injustice, greed, and the lust for power. Innocents crushed by the boot falls of the Empire when the Republic crumbles under the weight of it's corruption.

I will also give you my scripts to read. All you have to do is email me!